Interesting Space Fillers

Due to the high cost of Royal Mail, models £20 and under will be sent by currier, please contact me if this is a issue.

Wheel Wrights shop

A nice atmospheric diorama of a an old  Wheel wrights shop very atmospheric with nice details, 

 Price  £25.00 free P&P


A nice atmospheric diorama of a an old  motorcycle garage, very atmospheric with nice details, includes motorcyclist

 Price  £31.00 free P&P

The Old Saw Mill

A nice atmospheric diorama of a an old  saw mill.

Originally water powered, the mill race has become overgrown now it has been converted to steam.


Price  £36.00 free P&P

Filling station and garage

A once common type of garage where the proprietor lived " over the shop "

Lots of nice details


Price  £25.00 free P&P

The Old Water Mill

A nice little diorama of a an old water powered flour mill, a very atmospheric piece with nice details.

Price  £34.00 free P&P

Industrial Engine Shed

A nice little diorama of a an industrial engine shed with lots of details, Fuel tank, water tower, skip etc, Perfect for a quarry, mine or factory complex.


Price  £29.00 free P&P

Country crossing

A country lane with a signal box and platelayers hut with nice landscaping, ready to place at your line side.


Price  £16.00 free P&P

The Old Chapel

A nice little chapel with sheep roaming round the crumbling church yard

Price  £26.00 free P&P

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